Exciting Solar-Powered Innovations That Have Promising Benefits For The Environment

EnGoPlanet, a New York City startup company is setting the stage for realizing solarpunk dreams where the environment and technology co-exist in harmony, helping each other thrive without one harming the other. In Las Vegas plaza, there are already walkway street lights installed by this startup company that use walking as an energy source, in addition to the solar panels on top of the street lights.

This Eco-friendly street light comes a long way in advancement from previous methods of powering them. The carbon dioxide responsible for global warming and climate change is heavily produced by traditional methods of powering street lights so this innovative approach is great for the environment.

These modern solar street lights are especially possible in places where people commute a lot by walking. According to the designers of this tech, the street lights have panels underground that are connected to them. Each time steps are taken on top of it, it produces a certain amount of power which is proportional to the pressure of those steps. During the day, all the power generated both from the sun and from footsteps is saved within a battery and when night comes, the light comes on and is sustained by the stored power.

It doesn’t just end there. The same street lights are also multifunctional as hotspots for WiFi, surveillance cameras, wireless charging spots, and have USB ports as well. Considering the possibilities of this innovation, one could say this is the real future of tech. However, a major limitation to its adoption in other cities is the fact that commuting may be largely through automobiles rather than walking. But many benefits could come if its adoption is accompanied by legislation restricting automobiles that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Bloomberg | The street lights also function as hotspots for WiFi, surveillance cameras, wireless charging spots, and have USB ports as well

A city like New York, the one that never sleeps, and always bustling with people walking on the roads would be a great place for this technology to become widespread and work as intended. Places like Chicago as well as Hong Kong too can benefit greatly from it according to a report by The Daily Dot

The initiative to power street lights using solar energy is being picked up by several companies, not just the EnGoPlanet. This eco-friendly method of lighting up walkways is one you can rely on due to its renewable energy source, and in countries where sunlight is abundantly available, switching to solar-powered lights is the best approach to efficiently light up the streets and beef up the security of lives and vehicles.

Inspired Grid | These lights require no extra maintenance since they maintain themselves

Other variations of this smart solar-powered technology exist. Some have motion sensors that detect when someone or something is passing by and automatically turns itself on in response. Others become even brighter when motion is detected and reduce the intensity as the day comes until it eventually turns itself off.

Because of the off-grid power usage of these smart street lights, they are very cost-effective and since wires are not being used, it is also safer for people. Ideally, these lights require no extra maintenance since they maintain themselves. They are water-resistant in case of a storm and they don’t attract nearly as many insects as may be seen hovering around traditional street lights.

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